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The brand wanted to boost up awareness of it's products and RTB to the audience in the hinterland of India. They traditionally took part in a very popular carnival called "Nauchandi Mela" every year in Meerut as a part of it's marketing activity. We decided to notch up this activity and take it all across India through our network this year and get the multiplier effect for the brand.

Music cuts across the heart fo India and especially the ones rooted in folk music and having it's origins in the small towns. We collaborated with the band Faridkot and create a bespoke song completely from scratch. This was then shot in the Nauchandi Mela giving it a rustic feel and ambiance. The song was super hit amongst the audiences and we drove the brand RTB through the well-written lyrics.

We reached 6 Million views in 30 days across all the released channels on YouTube.

Catch the video here:

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