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ByteDance-owned Helo's consistent influencer marketing strategy to reach 100 million user-base

Launched in 2018, the social media app is rigorously promoting itself among the Indian audience across regions through various activities, of which influencer marketing is an essential and consistent strategy.

#ByteDance, the parent company of the popular user-generated content app #TikTok, has another regional social media app #Helo in its sleeves and is also the company’s first India-centric app launched in mid-2018. The app aims to garner a whopping 100 million user base in India by the end of this year.

The app is leaving no stone unturned and spending its marketing dollars massively to acquire more users on the platform. One of its consistent marketing strategies is influencer-driven. Helo has been seen partnering with influencers, celebrities, and creators to promote it on other social media platforms at regular intervals.

Influencer marketing is mostly used by brands as part of their marketing activities but is unique to an app to use influencers to promote itself in India. Because of the app targets audience pan India, it partners with influencers across regions and categories.

According to Sheeko Brandscore data, in an estimated media value of Rs 40-50 lakh, the app has been able to garner more than 31 million views through influencer-led promotions on social media.

Sheeko Brandscore graph showing consistent influencers activity by the app:

In the most recent example, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty posted a video of her holidaying in Japan and in the same video also asked her followers to follow her on Helo.

ByteDance also offers cashback to people who can bring along references with them on Helo. It regularly runs campaigns on its platform to engage more with the regional audience. Utilizing the influence of TV celebrities on people, the app has partnered with Colors to show Big Boss and allows its users to interact with their favorite stars.

The popular regional social media app available in 14 Indian languages has user-generated content in the form of trending news, jokes, memes, wishes, quotes, and entertainment content formats.

Helo plans to be the go-to app for small towns and villages and make it a place where brands have ample opportunity to interact with the vernacular-language speaking audience. Not just brands, but publishers like Zee, ScoopWhoop, and others are also seen flocking to the app to promote their content. The channel created an integrated campaign with Helo on Zee TV’s dance reality show Dance India Dance Season 7 that secured a reach of 35 million among the regional audience.

Insights courtesy of BRANDSCORE

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