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Olay uses comedy and wit to promote its Regenerist Whip moisturizer range

It is a known fact that influencer marketing is on the rise but with it, the clutter in this space is also increasing. Posting pictures with brand placement and writing product description might get the brand noticed by the influencer’s followers, but impressing them through the influencer-driven activity is another ball game.

Only good quality content can help raise the bar of any influencer marketing activity. And to do that, we must treat influencers as content creators and give them the power to use their creativity to create content, which is relatable to their audience base.

Recently, Olay collaborated with Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh and Srishti Dixit, where the trio created humorous snackable content pieces and subtly integrated Olay Regenerist Whip moisturizer in it without disrupting the video consumption experience of the audience.

Here’s the Instagram post by Kapila & Singh:

This kind of influencer-led activity is really powerful because it is packed with humour—three impressive female influencers in one video, the content is snackable, light-hearted and doesn’t seem to push the brand on the face of the audience. The activity is balanced as although the video didn’t give many details on the product but Kapila and Singh made sure to write about the product in the description of the video. 

According to our Brandscore Analytics platform, through Kapila’s video, the brand was able to reach out to more than 9.7 lakh people in an estimated media value worth Rs 7-8 lakh and from Singh’s video, Olay garnered more than 4.75 lakh views till now.

Olay is quite active in doing influencer marketing since May-end but this campaign became the hero of all its influencer activity by garnering maximum reach among all.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the brand’s performance on Instagram since May:

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